Fintech | VC | JPMorgan | 2x Fintech founder | Grew a quant fund to $1B+

Thanks for taking a moment to explore Fintech with me.

My writing has been featured in Forbes, university dissertations from the US to Germany to Malaysia, news article across India, and in 5-6 languages.

Based in New York and Hyderabad, I’ve worked for quant hedge funds in the UK, investments in New York, studied investment law in Singapore and economics in Cambridge, founded a couple of Fintechs in India and now I’m keen to share my learnings.

You can also find more about me here, if you like.

Views are my own. No expression or opinion on my profile should be construed as a recommendation or offer.

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Frontier Fintech VC 🌏 | JPMorgan | 2x Fintech founder 📈 | Quant fund to $1B+ | New York City 📍