Frontier Fintech Unicorn Rankings

UPDATED: Saturday February 3, 2024

Since we last updated this list in Q3 of 2023, there has been no change in the number or composition of Frontier Fintech Unicorns. However, surprisingly given the funding environment, the total of the valuations has increased by about $1B.

I hope you’ll find this page useful. It will be updated on a quarterly basis. I plan to expand the data provided below over time. I’m working on figuring out a sortable and exportable format, but substack doesn’t appear to have the option? Do let me know if you’re aware of a way to do this! Cheers.

Note: The above is my best estimation of fintechs. It captures many startups that heavily incorporate embedded finance or has a critical business unit that is fintech-oriented. I also included Singapore and the UAE above, though they are not Emerging Markets, because many APAC startups headquarter in these 2 nations for the tax benefits and ease of doing business though their target market is a frontier one. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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